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Client : office interior for impress newtex composite textile ltd
Built Area : 8145 sft
Designed : November, 2022.
Status : February, 2023.

The project is an office interior for a knit garment manufacturer whose RMG unit that is located at Mirzapur. The project assimilates the supporting functions relevant for knit garments manufacturing company. The key feature is the absolute use of white color and textures within the entire office amplifies the three-dimensional layout with maximum clarity.

The lobby commences with an intricately framed and ambient lit antique sewing machine which is an iconic symbol in traditional knit machine industry. To amplify the blend of modernism and traditionalism, an easel holding a monochromatic photograph is placed within the display area besides the sewing machine.

The white and grey hues and warm white light in the chic furniture units, workstation units and reception counters streamline the elegance and comfort. The display section with elaborately hung colorful fabrics and knit wear as exhibit has monolithic display shelves amps up the entire ambient work zones, gracefully lacing the entire office.