fully furnished fully furnished
Client : Fully Furnished Ltd.
Built Area : 8150 sq ft
Site Area : 2037 sq ft per floor
Type : retail
Designed : March, 2014
Status : June, 2014

The project is an interior of a furniture showroom that provides modern and contemporary furniture solutions for home and office furnishing. The design was conceived from their in-store shopping and in-store pick-up and delivery service options.

The interior was spread across four floors to elaborate their motto of an upgraded service center with state-of-the-art furniture display facilities. A first floor was dedicated to Merryfair office workstation chairs and Lorenzo branded home furniture while other units and upholsteries were split over the rest of the floors.

The brown and white colored board walls were used as display cabinets at peripheral walls and the “jalis” or screen provided the much needed visual clarity and coherence with the rest of the display zones. The raised wooden floor binds these display units at each zone conveying the circulation system with ease supported by the ambient display lights. Optimized illuminations constitute overall warmth with elegance and radiance.